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Great Highland Bagpipes

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Great Highland Bagpipes

In this category you may find a complete selection of ready-to-play highland bagpipes bagpipes. All sets come with dr...



  • Bagpipe Chanters

    Bagpipe wooden & plastic chanters

  • Downloads

    Download catalogs, documents, music, software..

  • Practice Chanters

    This small instrument is the best piper's companion. Useful to learn, from the very beginning it becomes the 'second instrument' of every piper, to test and learn new tunes, play indoor, practice.

  • Bagpipe learning

    All items related to the beginner's instruction

  • Piping accessories

    Piping accessories. Good stuff for your bagpipe..

  • Great Highland Bagpipes (wooden)

    Highland Bagpipes made of the finest African Blackwood and many other fine woods. Traditionally the Highland bagpipe is made of Dalbergya Melanoxylon, commonly knonw as Africa Blackwood, a hard and dense wood growing in Tanzania.
    But you can find bagpipes made of other fine woods such as Cocobolo, Cocus etc. 

  • Great Highland Bagpipes (plastic)

    These bagpipes are fantastic as low-budget first sets of pipes, for the beginner, as well as for the re-enactor pipers, or the young rock piper, for their strenght and easy maintenance.
    Made in a synthetic stuff called Delrin, or Acetal or Polypenco, they look very closely to wood and the density and musical qualities are almost the same. 

  • Electronic bagpipes & chanters

    Here find the best solutions for electronic bagpipes and practice chanters. 

  • Highland Smallpipes

    For all the lovers of the mellow and fantastic sound of this indoor instrument.